Question words and word order ❓❓❓

Word order after question words

Incorrect word order after question words is something I often see when I mark my students’ writing or hear when they are speaking. So, I thought I would make a small video on this topic and I hope it helps those of you who struggle with this 😊

Published by rachelkimschultz

I have been in the ESL industry for over 25 years , first starting out teaching English in Japan after I graduated from university . I have taught English in Australia for about 20 years to many different nationalities which I love and I have also taught TESOL Certificate IV so I am a teacher trainer as well. I have worked as an academic manager for about 8 years, managing, training and supporting teachers. I love teaching all levels of English and enjoy teaching TOEIC ,IELTS and Cambridge Exam (PET, FCE and CAE) preparation courses.

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