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Psssst. I love teaching!

Do you need extra help for an English proficiency exam?

Do you want to improve your grammatical knowledge to pass English tests like the TOEIC test or PTE test or any of the Cambridge tests?

Do you need to improve your writing or speaking skills for an IELTS or Cambridge test or for everyday life ?

Would you like to improve your conversational skills or expand your vocabulary?

Do you need your essays proofread or edited?

Or are you just beginning your English language journey and don’t know exactly what you need?

I am a highly experienced teacher of all levels and I’m also a teacher trainer.
I am very passionate about teaching English and would love to teach you!
I actually get excited about all the little nitty gritty bits of the English language, so I guess I’m what you might call an English-language-geek.
For me, teaching English is fun, and I’m told that comes across in my lessons. I hope you’ll find it not just an essential language to learn, but fun and enjoyable too

Welcome to my website

If you have a particular English question ( grammar, punctuation or vocabulary), type the word into the search bar below ( for example -phrasal verbs ), and if I have written about it in a blog post, you will be taken to the relevant post.

I offer online private lessons or small group lessons so I can focus on your individual needs and tailor lessons or courses just for you. I can also teach face to face depending on your location. My online lessons are taught via Zoom

*  I am offering special COIVD rates. Find a friend or two and study for a better price! Class rates will vary depending on the number of students.

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