Phrasal verbs- friends or foes ?

Why phrasal verbs are friends 😊

First of all, what are they? They are verbs with a preposition and / or an adverb added to them which changes the meaning of the original verb when it is by itself. While many students feel they are a bit difficult to learn, English native speakers use them most of the time, so they are important to learn if you want to bring your English to another level.

We use them in everyday speech so the more phrasal verbs you know, the more English you will understand and the more you will sound natural if you use them. Phrasal verbs don’t only make you sound more like a native English speaker, but they are also tested in official English tests like TOEIC and the Cambridge tests.

Quiz time ! Let’s try a few

Which answer is correct?

He ____________ tennis when he was 8 years old.

  1. took out
  2. took in
  3. took for
  4. took up

It took her a long time to ____________ her flu but she is feeling fine now.

  1.  get off
  2. get over
  3. get on with
  4. get out

Replace the words in italics with the phrasal verbs in the box:

  1. Because of the weather, we have decided to cancel the picnic at the beach.
  2. Our neighbours think they are superior to people who don’t have European cars.
  3. I can’t tolerate his noisy music every night anymore!
  4. Can we postpone our soccer practice until tomorrow as it looks like it might rain?
*look down on * call off   *put up with *put off

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I have been in the ESL industry for over 25 years , first starting out teaching English in Japan after I graduated from university . I have taught English in Australia for about 20 years to many different nationalities which I love and I have also taught TESOL Certificate IV so I am a teacher trainer as well. I have worked as an academic manager for about 8 years, managing, training and supporting teachers. I love teaching all levels of English and enjoy teaching TOEIC ,IELTS and Cambridge Exam (PET, FCE and CAE) preparation courses.

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