Collocations πŸ₯³

Collocations are a must to learn! They are a natural part of the English language and very important to know so you can speak and write correctly and also so you can sound natural in English. They are often tested in English language proficiency exams like TOEIC and the Cambridge tests.

Collocations are just words which are used together or sets of words. They can be adjectives + prepositions , verbs + prepositions , nouns + nouns, verbs + nouns, adverbs and adjectives etc.

Here are some examples of collocations:

I am terrified of snakes 🐍 but fond of cats 🐈

I will do my homework because my teacher is under the impression that I am a good student 😊

Let’s try some typical questions found in English tests which focus on collocations:

Australia is known 1) ________ its stunning beaches and diverse landscapes. 2)_______ general , tourists enjoy their stay in this beautiful country. If you are 3) ________ a holiday destination, you won’t be disappointed. Pay a 4) ________to this amazing country soon!

  1. A) as B) by C) for D) with
  2. A) On B) To C) Of D) In
  3. A) seeking B) searching C) looking D) hoping
  4. A) travel B) holiday C) visit D) vacation

Collocations are an important part of the English language so next time you are learning new vocabulary, think about learning words as collocations or in “chunks”.

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I have been in the ESL industry for over 25 years , first starting out teaching English in Japan after I graduated from university . I have taught English in Australia for about 20 years to many different nationalities which I love and I have also taught TESOL Certificate IV so I am a teacher trainer as well. I have worked as an academic manager for about 8 years, managing, training and supporting teachers. I love teaching all levels of English and enjoy teaching TOEIC ,IELTS and Cambridge Exam (PET, FCE and CAE) preparation courses.

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