Idioms and expressions with parts of the body πŸ‘£

Idioms and expressions using parts of the body

This is for one of my dear students, Chayeni, who loves learning and using idioms in English. One way to sound more natural in another language is to use expressions or idioms which native speakers use. There are so many of them in English, so I thought I would write a quiz using some idioms and expressions using parts of the body.

Look at the expressions below and match them to the meanings:

  • see eye to eye
  • slip one’s mind
  • have a sweet tooth
  • be all thumbs
  • be in over one’s head
  • have butterflies in one’s stomach
  • cost an arm and a leg
  • have itchy feet
  • from the bottom of one’s heart
  • be a shoulder to cry on
  • think on one’s feet
  • has the cat got your tongue ?

  • clumsy and awkward with one’s hands
  • fully agreeing with someone
  • being sincere when you say something
  • having a very high price
  • asking someone why they are being unusually quiet
  • being kind and offering support when someone is sad
  • reacting quickly and effectively to a situation
  • feeling nervous or excited
  • a situation you cannot manage as it is too difficult for you
  • a strong desire to travel
  • loving sugary food
  • forgetting something

Now, use the idioms or expressions above to complete the sentences below:

Note: You may have to change some words in the idioms or expressions to fit into the sentences correctly.

  1. Due to the pandemic, I haven’t been overseas for over two years and I have________________.
  2. I am so sorry about what I said to you. I was furious when I said it and I didn’t mean it. I apologise _____________________.
  3. He took the job offer but now he is worried he is ________________as he is responsible for more staff members than he thought he would be.
  4. Why are you so quiet today ?___________________?
  5. When new teachers teach their first class they often ___________________.
  6. She _______________________so I think she would prefer something sweet to something savoury.
  7. Australia has a very high cost of living and many overseas visitors are surprised that things which are reasonably cheap in their countries _______________________here.
  8. I have to remind my students to do their homework as it often seems to______________!
  9. Even though we rarely __________________ at work, we get on well outside of the office.
  10. Being a manager means you have to _______________________ as unexpected issues can often crop up.
  11. He was such a good friend when she was going through a terrible time and he was ________________ for her.
  12. He has a brilliant mind but he __________________when it comes to handy work around the house.

You can find my contact information on the contact page of this website or connect with me for the answers and explanations to this quiz. πŸ“

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I have been in the ESL industry for over 25 years , first starting out teaching English in Japan after I graduated from university . I have taught English in Australia for about 20 years to many different nationalities which I love and I have also taught TESOL Certificate IV so I am a teacher trainer as well. I have worked as an academic manager for about 8 years, managing, training and supporting teachers. I love teaching all levels of English and enjoy teaching TOEIC ,IELTS and Cambridge Exam (PET, FCE and CAE) preparation courses.

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